Agency Construction Corp.

Agency Construction is dedicated to providing Federal Government and commercial enterprises with quality work on time and within budget. It is our mission to be a general contractor and construction manager committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction, providing them with a great project, on time, and within budget. Utilizing our unique capabilities to provide innovative quality solutions, we will be the lowest cost provider of services in our markets. We will provide a maximum value to customers and a challenging, rewarding, safe environment to our employees.

Agency Construction is committed to the principles of quality construction and service to all our clients. Our understanding and ability to meet the needs and goals of the project, dedication to a professional team approach, and the ability to deliver a finished product of the highest quality are hallmarks of Agency Construction Corporation.

Construction management requires a complete understanding of the industry as a whole as it is necessary to coordinate and facilitate all aspects of the project. Agency Construction is available to provide the client with a turn-key project. This is accomplished through these typical steps in a construction project:

• Project objectives are created from the beginning to account for various challenges and requirements.
• The best professional team is assembled introducing effective communication
• The project can be assessed and potential risks identified
• Prepare the construction program and cost estimates
• Project schedule / CPM can be developed and coordinated ahead of time, reducing delays and ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget
• Manage the design development process and safety plans
• Advise on the best procurement strategy and prepare the procurement documentation
• Assess the bidders and their bids. Make recommendations on acceptance
• Assemble an appropriate construction team
• Provide contract administration
• Ensure compliance with applicable codes
• Ensure compliance with health and safety standards and codes
• Provide on-site supervision
• Manage the commissioning and hand-over process


Construction Management