Agency Construction Corp.

About Us


Agency Construction Corp. is a bonded full-service construction firm specializing in General Contracting, Construction Management, and Construction Consulting. The firm was established in 1981. For over 35 years, we have performed Federal, State, and Commercial contract work as a prime contractor on time and within budget. We have vast experience with constructing new buildings, renovating and retrofitting existing structures, and restoring historic buildings. Whatever the project entails, Agency Construction Corp. is prepared to handle it.

In addition to General Construction Management, we also specialize in Emergency Power Solutions.  When the electrical power goes out in your area, do you currently have the resources to remain in operation?  With our customized Emergency Power Solutions, specific for your site, you can remain in business when your competition cannot.

Our office consists of a full service staff, including Professional Engineers, LEED Accredited professionals, estimators, schedulers, etc.


Our thorough review of proposed projects during the estimating phase ensures that every project is well coordinated from the beginning and that nothing is missed. Following the contract award, in addition to the architect and engineers-of-record, our in-house professional engineers also reviews shop drawings prior to fabrication to ensure that critical details have been reviewed, are understood by the necessary people, and will be constructed according to specification. Agency Construction is also available to perform in-house value engineering in the event a project warrants such.

Our scheduling expertise allows us to accurately track a jobs progress to ensure that problems are caught before they happen and are dealt with accordingly, therefore directly minimizing job delays.

Agency Construction Corp. has all resources necessary to perform any project.