Agency Construction Corp.

Project:         Panorama Flight Services, Inc.  

Owner:           Panorama Flight Services
Address:        Westchester County Airport, Purchase, NY                                           

Year:              2001-2002

Agency as GC utilized Value Engineering as the tool to advance the original schedule by re-designing the HVAC systems thereby eliminating a boiler and boiler room. It also implemented re-design of the pump house which the timely construction was critical to the opening of the facility. Other site work conditions were also re-engineered to avoid delays.
Panorama Flight Service is an independent flight facility providing services to private, corporate, propeller and jet travelers. The contract involved construction for a completely new facility and headquarters at Westchester County Airport.
The main hangar was 200 ft. wide by 100 ft deep free of columns for maximum aircraft access. Adjacent to the main hanger is a two story structure containing all corporate & administrative offices, aircraft sales, training classrooms, a welcome lounge, a pilot’s lounge, a full kitchen/dining facility, and offices for airfield control.
The structure was supported on a series of auger-cast concrete piles and a grid of grade beams. The hanger’s steel frame was pre-engineered, with field applied siding. Hangar doors supported by the steel frame allowed for a 200 ft. clear span opening. The hangar contained a complicated foam fire suppression system to meet FAA requirements and is fully heated for year round use. The building contained a hydraulic elevator, automatic doors, and automated climate control maintained by four roof top HVAC units.
The contract required construction at a remote site of an 80 ft x 20 x 20’ below grade concrete water storage tank. It contained an 80,000 gallon capacity and a fire control pump house above. The pump house contained two (2) 675 HP diesel driven automatic turbine pumps capable of 4,000 GPM @ 180 psi pressure.
In addition, we provided the survey, foundations, and electrical for the adjacent 72 indoor plane storage hangars.
All mechanical work and construction outside the piles, structural steel, pre-engineered steel and ductwork was performed by Agency’s own forces. The project was completed on time, under tight budget constraints, with a minimum of changes.