Agency Construction Corp.

Project:         New Rochelle Post Office - New Pelham Branch

Owner:           United States Postal Service
Address:        48 First St., Pelham, NY                                                                             

Year:              2008-2009

To facilitate the ahead of schedule delivery of the above new building, we maintain a Construction Quality Control Management System and an individual responsible for on-site Quality Control that utilizes the pre bid estimate, with items and quantities, subcontracts, submittals, the distribution and follow up with submittals, and the onsite inspection for the correct delivery, testing, reporting, evaluation, and the implementation of contract spec. to schedule. Accountability and authority to progress or stop work is with the Quality Control person. Additionally, we perform Value engineering for technique and construction time saving methods to maintain and exceed schedules.

The United States Postal service determined that he building they were renting no longer meet their needs for services in this community. With the neighborhood requiring a certain ‘look’ for new buildings that fit the character of this mostly residential neighborhood, a structure with high architectural features was designed. The site for the new Post Office is 19,500 SF.

The work included the removal of the existing 6 feet of fill and replacement with structurally compacted material. A new sub surface retention system was included in the project to control the outfall of storm water to the municipal system. New concrete foundations were Value Engineered by Agency to expedite the project schedule. The building consists of reinforced CMU with a brick and EFIS featured system. Uncommon to commercial buildings are high hipped roof features, large mansard roof overhangs and weather vain to accommodate the look of the neighborhood. The interior of the building will be completely finished for a turnkey operation to the Owner. All HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire alarm, CCTV cameras, computer and security motion systems will be installed. The project includes furniture and fixtures to the Owner’s spec.