Agency Construction Corp.

Project:         Station Improvements – Tarrytown Railroad Station

Owner:           MTA Metro-North Railroad
Address:        1 Depot Plaza, Tarrytown, NY                                                                  

Year:              2009

The MTA Metro-North Tarrytown Railroad Station, a Landmark structure, was one of the original stations build by the Vanderbilt family.  It is also one of the busiest stations in the MTA system. The contract called for opening of the existing roof and replacing the missing exterior dormers (3) over the occupied station.  The roof rafters and overhang was extended along the curb side.  The arms which held up the roof overhang were restored and replaced.  We worked at night to remove the existing roof and replace same with a new slate tile system.  New copper flashing, overhang ornamental trim and eves were installed.  The underside of the large roof overhand and the pedestrian walkway protection involved a lead paint removal process and restoration to the original historic look.  


All exterior doors, windows and openings were removed and replaced with mahogany custom milled doors and windows.   The HVAC system was replaced with new ductwork and registers.  The interior was repainted per the original finishes.   The exterior granite walls were chemically cleaned, the sidewalks removed and replaced, new security bollards installed.   A new building electrical service was installed and all new exterior lighting of the period of original construction was installed under the overhang.  The project was successfully completed within the MTA schedule.